Affiliate Programs

I currently use the following affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Associates - I link to products sold on Amazon within posts, and I use the Amazon Bounties program, linked at the bottom of every post, to offer free trials of Amazon Prime.
  • Webull Influencer Program - Despite its name, I do not consider myself an influencer. My Webull affiliate code is linked at the bottom of every post.

If a reader signs up for any of those services using my affiliate code, I will receive a referral payment from that service.


To enable user comments, I currently use a self-hosted version of the Commento comments platform.

I allow comments to be posted with the following authentication methods:

  • Anonymously (I approve or deny every anonymous comment)
  • Twitter OAuth
  • GitHub OAuth

I purposefully do not allow email-based accounts to be created on my self-hosted Commento because I do not want to store user passwords.