Wireless Laptop to Wireless Laptop Real World Throughput Benchmarks

Published June 22, 2015 and updated June 3, 2016

More and more devices are becoming wireless. It isn’t unheard of for one person to be carrying three or more wireless devices on them at one time: a phone, a tablet, a laptop, and, more recently, a watch.

There are plenty of benchmarks and articles detailing the throughput achieved from a wireless device to a wired device - with a wireless router in the middle of course. This is useful to know if you’re transferring or streaming data from your laptop, phone, or tablet to a device connected via ethernet. However, most people forgo connecting anything via ethernet because connecting wirelessly is just too easy. I am much more interested in the throughput achieved from one wirelessly connected device to another wirelessly connected device.

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Doxie's Fanatical Support

Published June 21, 2015 and updated November 9, 2015

At the time of writing, I work for Rackspace, home of Fanatical Support. What is Fanatical Support? Fanatical Support is multifaceted, but one part of it is going above and beyond the call of duty for the customer.

Few companies provide true Fanatical Support. Doxie is one of the companies that does.

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A Quick Force Touch Trackpad Review

Published March 17, 2015

Force Touch was first revealed in the Apple Watch and now has made its way to Apple’s trackpads. I went to an Apple Store to try out Force Touch on the updated 13” retina MacBook Pro.

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The Best and Only iPhone Case I Have Ever Bought

Published March 23, 2014 and updated June 3, 2018

I have used an iPhone ever since they were revealed to the world in 2007. Since then I have never used a case (or as I like to call it “rolling naked”).

Whether you agree or not, the iPhone (especially the 4 and 5) are fantastically designed devices, and I never wanted a case to cover that up. In addition, I think most of the cases on the market are down right ugly or simply too big.

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The One Problem with the Noppoo Choc Mini 84 USB Mechanical Keyboard

Published April 25, 2013 and updated June 2, 2018

I have wanted a mechanical keyboard for sometime. There are so many choices out there it is easy to get bogged down in details and acronyms, but I eventually purchased a Noppoo Choc Mini 84 USB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blues.

The Noppoo was fantastic until I figured out what it couldn’t do.

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Doxie Go and Doxie's Awesome Customer Support

Published April 15, 2013 and updated June 29, 2015

After using a CanoScan LiDE90 for sometime, I wanted something more portable, capable of scanning legal sized documents, and more cross platform, so I picked up the Doxie Go.

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A Somewhat Review of Fedora 18 on a Dell XPS 13

Published April 3, 2013 and updated May 13, 2017

This will not be much of a review, because I do not actually own a Dell XPS 13. I have only a Dell XPS 13 with Fedora 18 booted from a Live USB image, but my short experience is worth mentioning.

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Three RFID Blocking Billfold Wallets

Published March 25, 2013 and updated May 14, 2017

Most of the RFID blocking billfold wallets I have come across are complicated and ugly looking. It’s difficult to find a wallet that is simple and good looking.

However, I have come across several wallets that are simple and good looking. The following three wallets I have owned, and I have found them to be some of the better RFID blocking wallets out there.

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