Website Development Tools and Resources

• Updated March 17, 2019

I have always preferred web development. I think it is due to how quickly content can be published and made available to the world.

There are an endless number of tools and resources available for web developers. This post aggregates some of the tools and resources I have used throughout my projects.

Domain Registrars

You need a domain name to properly launch a website. These are some of my favorite domain registrars.

Design and Layout

Common Web Icons

High resolution icons for RSS, Twitter, and YouTube.

Static Site Generators

Jekyll first introduced me to static site generators. I have been using it for several years with great success. However, I quickly discovered there are plenty of other static site generators. They all provide the same end result and do things a bit differently, but the biggest difference between them is the programming language used to implement them.

More static site generator resources:


Anybody running a website is going to want some sort of web analytics. Google Analytics has always been the incumbent in this space, but there are plenty of self hosted analytics platforms as well.





  • UptimeRobot - Free, quick, easy website monitoring
  • Google Cloud Stackdriver - If you host your website or web applications on Google Cloud, you can potentially use Stackdriver Monitoring for free