Three RFID Blocking Billfold Wallets

• Updated January 10, 2019

Most of the RFID blocking billfold wallets I have come across are complicated and ugly looking. It’s difficult to find a wallet that is simple and good looking.

However, I have come across several wallets that are simple and good looking. The following three wallets I have owned, and I have found them to be some of the better RFID blocking wallets out there.


For those looking for a simple, inexpensive (about $15), entry level RFID blocking billfold wallet, the Travelon RFID Blocking Black Nylon Billfold Wallet is it.

It is black, made out of nylon, and holds about 10 cards.

I used this wallet for about a year and a half, but I eventually wanted a better made and more stylish wallet that offered the same RFID blocking capability.

Stewart Stand

I searched for a simple, stylish wallet that offered RFID blocking capability.

I discovered the Stewart Stand brand, and I purchased the Stewart Stand RFID Blocking Black Leather Billfold Wallet.

The exterior is clean and simple with white edge stitching. The interior has six diagonal card slots with stainless steel stitching throughout. This was one of the slickest looking wallets, RFID blocking or not, I had ever seen. But, after a year and a half, it wasn’t without its faults.

The stainless steel stitching began to break, tear, and discolor due to daily wear and tear and burdening the wallet with too many things (Stewart Stand does state this wallet will not stretch like a typical leather wallet, so this is partially my fault). In addition, the stainless steel thread would scratch the text and decals off my cards as they were taken in and out of the wallet.

I really liked this wallet. But, with its $72 price tag, I expected it to last much longer.

wurkin stiffs

After the Stewart Stand wallet began to fall apart, I needed an equally priced replacement. I stumbled upon the wurkin stiffs brand and very quickly found and purchased the Wurkin Stiffs Slim RFID Blocking Black Leather Billfold Wallet.

I have had this wallet for over two years, and it is the best wallet I have ever owned.

It is much slimmer than the other two wallets. American cash fits perfectly but Pounds and Euros will stick out the top of the wallet. Receipts will stick out too unless you fold them.

Despite being a smaller wallet, it holds seven various types of cards (four cards in the four main slots and several cards in the two hidden slots), four business cards (in the back external slot), folded insurance slips, some cash, and folded receipts without being bulky.

If you are going to buy any of these wallets, this is the one to buy.