Linux DVD Ripping with dvdbackup

• Updated October 23, 2018

dvdbackup has been one of the simplest programs I have used to backup DVDs on Linux distributions.

The following steps will install the dvdbackup RPM based package and compile libdvdcss, to decrypt the DVDs, from source.

Repository Packages Required

sudo yum install dvdbackup

libdvdcss Source Install

If the DVD you are ripping is encrypted, libdvdcss is required so dvdbackup can decrypt and access the media files.

Install the following repository packages:

sudo yum install git autoconf automake libtool

Clone the source code:

git clone

cd libdvdcss

Configure, make, and make install the binary:

autoreconf -i
sudo make install

Create links to the libdvdcss shared libraries:

sudo -i
echo '/usr/local/lib' > /etc/
ldconfig -v

Backup Full DVD

Replace $DEVICE with your DVD drive path (e.g. /dev/dvd, /dev/sr0)

dvdbackup -i $DEVICE -M