Dungeon Siege Screenshots

I invested a lot of time into Diablo 2 and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. I created many different types of characters and builds. I played hardcore. I was a member of a guild for the first time. But, I think my Diablo 2 fire was extinguished when my level 79 hardcore Amazon died because of a lightning enhanced monster in an ice cavern in Act 5. And even worse, I remember a Paladin in my party that had plenty of lightning resistance, but that player was in another part of the ice cavern. It was time for something new. Dungeon Siege filled that void.

I know I played the Dungeon Siege single player story, but I do not remember how far I got into it. I eventually started playing multiplayer and found another guild to play with. I distinctly remember learning about network port forwarding from members of that guild, because I had network connectivity issues trying to join them online.

I wish I had more screenshots from when I played Dungeon Siege, but I only have this one. I feel like it sums up early, but not that early, role playing games, and the nostalgia we all remember.

I think my character is BoneMage in the screenshot. I can only assume the other players in the screenshot are from the guild I played with.