Doxie Go and Doxie's Awesome Customer Support

• Updated June 29, 2015

After using a CanoScan LiDE90 for sometime, I wanted something more portable, capable of scanning legal sized documents, and more cross platform, so I picked up the Doxie Go.

The Doxie Go is about as portable of a scanner as you can get. It scans legal sized documents with ease and is also about as cross platform as you can get; everything it scans is saved as a JPEG at 300 or 600 dpi on to the internal flash memory or, if plugged in, an SD card or USB drive. Simply plugin the USB cable from the Doxie Go to your computer to retrieve the scans from internal flash memory or plugin the SD card or USB drive to your computer if the scan was stored on one of those. For some reason the internal flash memory is very, very slow; scanning images to it takes longer when compared to using an SD card or USB drive and transferring the scans from the internal flash memory to a computer also takes way too long. I recommend picking up an SD card or USB drive to alleviate this issue.

I did run into one other problem. After scanning about 20 legal size pages at 600 dpi, the Doxie Go began running low on battery; before scanning it had a full charge. So, I plugged the Doxie Go via USB into my laptop, but about 10 seconds after the internal flash memory mounts the device turns off and I was unable to transfer anything. This happened several times and made the device unusable when the battery was low.

I forwarded this problem to Doxie Customer Support and this was their reply:


Thanks for using Doxie Go. What you’re seeing here is that the scanner always gets its power from the battery, not the USB port. So, if the battery is completely discharged, and you plug it in and turn it on, it’ll start pulling from the battery and it’ll quickly turn off.

You don’t have to fully charge the battery before you can download. If you leave it off for 20 minutes or so, the scanner will have enough power that you will be able to successfully download. Then you can let the scanner charge fully later.

Alternatively, use an SD card. Then you can download whenever you want, regardless of the charge status.

I also think you’d benefit from having one of the Worldwide Power Adapters for Doxie Go. The Worldwide Power Adapter will keep your Doxie Go charged, making it easy scan and transfer uninterrupted. I’ll have a Worldwide Power Adapter shipped out to you – you’ll receive an email confirmation shortly.

Doxie addressed my issue and sent me a free Worldwide Power Adapter kit. Now, I have no problem scanning while the Doxie Go is plugged into a power outlet.

Thank you for the great customer support Doxie, and keep it up.

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