ChromeOS Keyboard and Trackpad Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

• Updated May 15, 2018

For over a year I have used ChromeOS on an HP Chromebook 13, and more recently a Google Pixelbook, as my work operating system. I was apprehensive at first to use a Chromebook after using Mac laptops personally and professionally for over 10 years. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with ChromeOS because of its simplicity, cloud integrations, ease of updates, and I have started using it more and more over macOS.

To be truly productive with any operating system, you need to know the keyboard and trackpad shortcuts. This post will be an ever growing list of ChromeOS keyboard and trackpad shortcuts I use most frequently.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Show keyboard shortcut overlay

Ctrl + Alt + ?

Lock the screen

Search Key (Caps Lock) + L

Close window or Chrome tab

Ctrl + W

Go to beginning of a line of text

Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow

Go to the end of a line of text

Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow

Highlight entire word of text

If the cursor is to the right of the word you want to highlight:

Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow

If the cursor is to the left of the world you want to highlight:

Ctrl + Shift + Right arrow

Highlight entire line of text

If the cursor is at the beginning of the line of text:

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down arrow

If the cursor is at the end of the line of text:

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up arrow

Switch between logged in profiles

You will need to have multiple profiles logged into ChromeOS for this to work.

Ctrl + Alt + .

Take a screenshot of the full screen

Ctrl + Switch Window Key

Take a screenshot of the selected window

Ctrl + Alt + Switch Window Key

Take a screenshot of the selected portion of the screen

Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window Key

Take screenshot of an entire web page

This is a multistep process that uses Chrome Developer tools.

Open the Chrome Developer Tools:

Ctrl + Shift + I

Open the Chrome Developer Tools command panel:

Ctrl + Shift + P

In the command panel type screenshot.

Click Capture full size screenshot.

In a couple seconds the full size screenshot will be downloaded as a PNG to your workstation’s Downloads folder.

Enable caps lock

Alt + Search Key (Caps Lock)

Disable caps lock by typing the key sequence again.

Maximize window

Alt + =

Dock window to the left half of the screen

Alt + [

Dock window to the right half of the screen

Alt + ]

Open the Chrome OS developer shell

Ctrl + Alt + T

Trackpad Shortcuts

Right click

Two finger tap anywhere on the trackpad.

Scroll between open Chrome tabs

Three finger left or right swipe on the trackpad.

Open new tab in background

Three finger tap the link.

View all open windows

Three finger swipe up on the trackpad.


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