sed Commands Cheat Sheet

Monday, February 1, 2016

sed is an extremely powerful stream editor. The web is full of useful sed one liners; especially here.

This post will be an ever growing list of sed one liners I have found useful.

Find and Replace

Find and remove all instances of TEXT:

sed 's/TEXT//g'

Find and remove all spaces:

sed -e 's/ //g'

Delete all blank lines from a file

sed '/^$/d' <FILE>

Delete leading whitepsace from front of each line

sed 's/^[ \t]*//' <FILE>

Delete trailing whitespace from end of each line

sed 's/[ \t]*$//' <FILE>

Delete leading and trailing whitespace from each line

sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//' <FILE>

Insert a line of text before a line


Change configuration file values

Change BRIDGE_HOTPLUG=yes to BRIDGE_HOTPLUG=no no matter what it is already set to:

sed '/BRIDGE_HOTPLUG=/ s/=.*/=no/' /etc/default/bridge-utils

Change PermitRootLogin no to PermitRootLogin yes no matter what it is already set to:

sed '/PermitRootLogin / s/ .*/ yes/' /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Wrap Value in Double Quotes

Change date=2015 to date=”2015”:

echo 'date=2015' | sed 's/\(=[[:blank:]]*\)\(.*\)/\1"\2"/'

Remove word wrap

sed -e :a -e '$!N;s/\n //;ta' -e 'P;D' <FILE>
sed -n 's/.*href="\([^"]*\).*/\1/p' <FILE.html>

Lower case all href=”*” tags

sed -e 's/\(href="\([^"]*\)"\)/\L\1/' <FILE>

Lower case all img src=”*” tags

sed -e 's/\(img src="\([^"]*\)"\)/\L\1/' <FILE>

Lower case all href=”” tags but exclude href=”http” tags

sed -e '/\(href="http"*\)/!s/\(href="\([^"]*\)"\)/\L\1/' <FILE>

Lower case all img src=”” tags but exclude img src=”http” tags

sed -e '/\(img src="http"*\)/!s/\(img src="\([^"]*\)"\)/\L\1/' <FILE>

Remove ‘%20’ only from lines matching href=”*”

sed -e '/\(href="\([^"]*\)"\)/s/%20//g' <FILE>


Add quotes around a value using sed

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