ffmpeg Commands Cheat Sheet

and updated November 29, 2015

ffmpeg is the swiss army knife of video and audio processing tools.

This post will be an ever growing list of ffmpeg commands I have found useful.

Get Info About Audio/Video File

ffmpeg -i INPUT

Convert from MOV to MP4 Container

Assuming the source video codec is compatible with the MP4 container, no re-encoding will be necessary. There won’t be any loss in quality.

ffmpeg -i INPUT.mov -c:v copy -c:a copy OUTPUT.mp4

Convert Video to DVD Compatible MPEG

ffmpeg -i INPUT -target ntsc-dvd OUTPUT.mp4

Add faststart Flags to Video File

Adding faststart flags to a video file will allow the video file to begin playing as soon as possible instead of waiting for the entire video file to download in a compatible web browser.

ffmpeg -i INPUT -c:a libfaac -c:v copy -movflags faststart OUTPUT

Extract Audio Only from Video File

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vn -c:a copy OUTPUT

Extract Video Only from Video File

ffmpeg -i INPUT -an -c:v copy OUTPUT

Transpose and/or Flip a Video File

Refer to this post.