The Speculation Awakens

Friday, November 28, 2014

It has been well over 10 years since anybody has had new, official Star Wars canon to sink their teeth into. But, that wait is over. Just over two years after Episodes VII, VIII, and IX were announced, J.J. Abrams has given every Star Wars fan at least one thing to be thankful for this holiday season. If you haven’t already watched it - I don’t know why you wouldn’t have - go watch the teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

The news first broke that the trailer would only be shown in 30 select theaters around the country. But, it was later revealed the trailer would also be made available the morning of Friday, November 28 on Apple Trailers.

Now that everybody has watched the trailer far too many times, it’s time to rip it apart. I’m not going to do a full play-by-play, because many other eagle eyed and eared reddit users have already done so. This post will contain links to the comments and analysis I found interesting and thought provoking as well as some of my own speculation.

My initial impression of the trailer is that it has a hyper-realistic, rawness to it. Having seen several of J.J. Abram’s more recent movies, I can clearly see his influence and vision on it. It looks vastly different from the original and prequel trilogies and I like it. If I was Abrams, I wouldn’t release another trailer. This teaser has already left everybody salivating for more and the hype has increased exponentially. It leaves a lot to the imagination and will keep the excitement and suprise levels high until the movie is released.

Now, on to some speculation and analysis.

reddit user altoidsjedi has put together a great series of stills from the trailer and analyzes each.

In addition, reddit user fruitlesspilgrim provides nine interesting points about the whole trailer.

Star Wars The Force Awakens John Boyega in Stormtrooper gear

Seen above, the first three stills altoidsjedi analyzes are of actor John Boyega in Stormtrooper gear on what can only be Tatooine. He looks to either be running from something or has suddenly woken up in a state of shock from events that probably happened just prior. Boyega is clearly not a clone - at this point in the canon, clones were replaced by non-clone volunteers and conscripts. I would wager he stole the Stormtrooper armor and used it in whatever events transpired before this scene. reddit user unforgiven91 thinks so as well.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Droid

What at first looked like a very odd droid consisting of two spheres, turns out to be one smaller droid running on top of a ball. Something ridiculous must be going on if the droids are spooked. altoidsjedi pointed out what look to be podracing engines in the background.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley

Actress Daisy Ridley is speeding away on a vehicle that really looks like a giant fudgsicle. altoidsjedi again points out the sand people like clothing and what looks like a sand people stick on the side of the speeder. Though, the end of the stick closest to Ridley really looks like a lightsaber hilt.

Star Wars The Force Oscar Isaac X-Wing Pilot

This is quite possibly actor Oscar Isaac. There is something about this shot that strongly conveys the adrenaline that must be pumping through the pilot as he psyches himself up for whatever is about to happen.

Star Wars The Force X-Wing Attack

These X-Wings clearly have their s-foils locked in attack position. fruitlesspilgrim’s nine points mention that these are not the exact X-Wings we are familiar with. reddit user’s Tactical_Toaster and gooeyfishus also point out that these X-Wings may belong to Wraith Squadron.

Star Wars The Force Millennium Falcon

Besides how awesome this shot alone is, many people have pointed out the round antenna lost in Return of the Jedi has been replaced with a square one.

And yet, despite all of this amazing, new material, what gets me the most excited is seeing this:

Star Wars The Force Awakens Sith in forest

I have always wanted a truly dark Star Wars film. The entire trailer exudes something dark has descended upon the universe that hasn’t been seen for some time. Perhaps that some time is only 20 - 30 years and is the period between Episode 6 and Episode 7. Or, perhaps that some time is much longer as reddit user Pak-O points out:

Maybe that’s what the awaken part is referring to. A dormant, long thought to have been dead, Sith is revived and decides to wreak havoc across the Galaxy. Since he is 5000 years old, maybe that’s why his lightsaber blade looks different. Because it’s ancient technology.

And now comes the next question. Who is this? The actor is more than likely Adam Driver who has been cast as the main villain. But is he just a Dark Jedi, just a Sith, or something else entirely? altoidsjedi mentioned in their analysis that the clothing is “traditional-looking sith robes”.

And, we never see their face. Never seeing their face coupled with Pak-O’s statement above and some allegedly leaked concept art, as pointed out by reddit user Rongxin, begins to make you wonder if this is Darth Revan. The lightsaber in the trailer and the leaked concept art are clearly the same and the leaked concept art is clearly Darth Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic video game. If this is Revan, reddit user c12345g points out that he would be 5,000 years old. But, perhaps he really has been dormant all those years and something from the original trilogy has awakened him. Maybe that something was the combined deaths of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader causing a severe imbalance in The Force.

Maybe we will all know more when, and if, another trailer is released next year.

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