The Best and Only iPhone Case I Have Ever Bought

I have used an iPhone ever since they were revealed to the world in 2007. Since then I have never used a case (or as I like to call it “rolling naked”).

Whether you agree or not, the iPhone (especially the 4 and 5) are fantastically designed devices and I never wanted a case to cover that up. In addition, I think most of the cases on the market are down right ugly or simply too big.

Of course, most people buy cases to protect their phone, but I’m fortunate enough to very, very rarely ever drop my phone. With that being said, I will probably drop it and have it shatter into a million pieces tomorrow, but, never fear, if I do drop it tomorrow, it will at least be protected by the first and only iPhone case I have ever bought.

It somehow makes sense that the first and only iPhone case I buy would be made by Apple. Who better to create a perfect case for the iPhone than that who created the iPhone.

The case I am referring to is the Apple iPhone 5/5s Leather Case that Apple released alongside the iPhone 5s.

At the very least, it does what ever other case should do, and it does it well:

  • it protects the phone
  • it protects the phone’s screen
  • it protects the phone’s camera
  • it protects the phone’s buttons while still making them easily click-able
  • it does not add too much weight or thickness to the phone

But, no case is perfect.

A big problem with this case is the hole cut for the headphone port. The original iPhone had a recessed headphone port and you had to use 3.5mm audio cables with a slim connector. Every iPhone since the original iPhone fixed this silly design problem, but this case brings that problem back. Luckily, 3.5mm audio cables with a slim connector are inexpensive and easy to come by.

A lesser problem with this case is the holes cut for the camera, headphone port, and Lightning connector collect a lot of dust (probably from whatever is lurking in your pocket). Using a can of compressed air every once and a while will remedy this and you can easily use your shirt edge to wipe off the dust from say the camera lens.

A minor problem with this case, which depends on the color you get, is how it can stain. I have seen the red leather case pickup a lot of junk on the backside and begin to discolor (from what I have seen it turns black). I have not had this problem with the black leather case. Of course, this problem will vary from person to person and is very situational.

These few problems were not bad enough to keep me from buying and continuing to use this case. For $40 the Apple Leather Case is well made and will keep your iPhone in great condition for when it is time to sell it.

To bring up another iPhone case, I have not purchased one, but recently I stumbled across peel who is working to create super thin and transparent iPhone cases so you can protect your phone while still enjoying the design of it.